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Books I love to read

  • Patricia Craige: Born To Win (*****)
  • Cesar Millan, with Melissa Jo Pelitier: Cesar's Way (*****)
  • Dr. Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.: The Nature Of Animal Healing (*****)
  • Patricia Starkweather, with John Buddie: The Magnificent Collie (*****)
  • Mrs. George H. "Bobbee" Roos: Collie Concept (*****)

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Gardening, Tennis,Swimming. I Love Mexican food and Italian, and most Seafood. Some favorite places to visit are Lake Tahoe, The Beach, Mauii. some of my all time favorite movies are "Grease", all the "Rocky's", "Saturday Night Fever"....."ok. anything with JohnTravolta in it!". My favorite hobby- showing my collies! I also love horseback riding, and shopping with my best friend.